NAMS Annual Congress 2011, book of abstracts

” DT56a was effective against symptomatic vulvo-vaginal atrophy (vaginal dryness)…”

A Prospective Study of DT56a (Femarelle®) for the Treatment of Postmenopausal
Vaginal Atrophy

The main bothersome symptoms were: Dyspareunia- 5 Patients, Vaginal soreness- 3 Patients, Vaginal dryness- 2 Patients, Vaginal irritation-1 Patient and Bleeding with coitus-1 Patient. All patients reported significant improvement in their most bothersome symptom. All women had a significant reduction in vaginal pH. The average pH went from baseline 7.7±2.2 to 4.9±1.4 on week 12, p< 0.0001. The maturation index also improved as shown in the figure below: Parabasal cells that were 100% at entry were 43% following 12 weeks of treatment, Intermediate cells were changed from 0 to 47% and Superficial cells that were 0 at entry, were 10% following 12 weeks of treatment with DT56a (all statistically significant, p< 0.001). A significant improvement was found in UQoL index from mean pre-treatment of 75.4±22.7 points to mean post-treatment of 88.9±26.8, p< 0.001. In the sexual domains of the UQoL there was a significant improvement from 6.5±2 points (mean pre-treatment) to 10.6± 3.2 (mean post-treatment), p< 0.001.

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